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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

WHEN NATURE CALLS : Boots on the ground a fun way to hunt December's deer woods

Years ago, as a greenhorn deer hunter, I enjoyed sitting in a deer stand about as much as I liked an impromptu switch-whipping from Momma. It was boring. It was tiresome. And more often than not, it was freezing cold. This, in turn, made me as fidgety as a couple of gray squirrels fighting for the last nut.

On the ground, that's where I liked to be. Not being confined to one area gave me freedom to see the hillsides or the liberty to jump from rock to rock on a winding dry creek bed. I could choose the tangled mass of an old clear cut or the silence of stalking through pines. The deer woods were my playground. Unfortunately, playing in the woods like this often led to deer scurrying for cover.

As the years seasoned me, I've learned to tolerate - if not appreciate - the necessity of finding a good area and setting up shop for hours at a time. No, it'll never be my preferred method but, man, sitting in these uncomfortable contraptions has sure helped me punch a lot of deer tags in the past 10 to 15 years. read more..

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