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Saturday, May 9, 2009

ILLINOIS STYLE: Oswego man travels ``green'' in RV

OSWEGO, Ill. - In the past year, Brian Brawdy has logged more than 60,000 miles on his RV while traveling through 48 states, all for the sake of exploration -- and conservation.

The Oswego man decided to take his wanderlust on the road after a close call with skin cancer.

"At 46, it was time for me to start doing the things I've wanted to do since I was a little boy," said Brawdy, now 47. That meant embarking on one hell of a road trip.

His adventure has found him trekking through Death Valley in 140-degree heat and kayaking next to alligators in the Everglades.

"People who don't know me probably think I'm crazy," said Brawdy, who recently dropped by the Chicago Sun-Times office en route to Colorado. "My friends already know I'm crazy."

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