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Friday, November 7, 2008

Bo's Xtreme Adventures: Off-Roading in Schuylkill County

Over the river and through the woods... Lyrics to a good 'ole Christmas song, of course. Leave it to WFMZ's resident daredevil Bo Koltnow to take those words very literally. In this edition of extreme adventure, Bo gets behind the wheel and takes on Mother Nature's best punch. Reporter This former coal mining site covered with boulders.
Reporter rocks resembling icebergs, lake like puddles
Reporter Rivers for roads.... Insane terrain
Bo forget about it
Reporter It's extreme driving with Land Rover at the Roush Off Road Park in Schuylkill County.
Bolt Go slow. The idea is to go slow. If fast you'll see the damage, blow tires and components on the vehicles.
Reporter If it's got tires Bolt Zubrickie has driven it... He's teaching me how to drive extreme.
Tape 1 15:49-58 This is totally different than street and race car driving? Absolutely.
Reporter Navigation not taught in driving school.
Bo tape 1 23:22-29 I thought parallel parking was tough. I passed my first challenge, now hit the trails.
Reporter With a contingent of intrepid Land Rover drivers behind me... We took on Mother Nature path. She quickly showed us this was to be no leasurly Sunday drive.
Reporter After acquiring our trail pinstripes.... My tank on wheels came to this.... Seemingly impassable terrain.
Bo The problem now is a very large jagged rocks here, there, don't know how deep the water is.
Reporter Lucky for us, we have back seat drivers.
Bolt Your going to take tires up on the ground here on the outside edge.
Bo tape 2 9:17:38-45 As you just saw there is no land this rover can make it over. But one challenge I'm not checking out is this rock garden.
Reporter Anyone with the off road wheels and desire to put your car in peril can traverse the course.
Bo Staying in control is key. You do that by driving with 2 feet. One on the gas the other on break.
Reporter A slow and steady pace is vital for survival. Especially after emerging from a trail lake.
Bo Important tip. When you make it out of something like that tires can come up on a stump like this and get stuck.
Reporter A 2 mile drive took 3 hours. Eventually the light at the end of the tunnel was near and our path was finally clear.
Bo We took Mother Nature's best shots and can't wait to do it again.
Reporter Just make sure you're insured. Bo Koltnow 69 News. Read more...

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