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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

'Legend of the Seeker': A girl, a guy, a wizard and a quest

NEW YORK — On "Legend of the Seeker," the heroes do the work for you.

Chiselled woodsman Richard Cypher and his even prettier protectress Kahlan Amnell stay on the run, dodging arrows and parrying swords as they chase an evil force that would enslave the known world.

Richard, only recently pegged as "the one true Seeker," is likely to surprise himself with magical powers he never imagined. As a so-called Confessor, Kahlan has her own peculiar charm: no person can lie to her.

They cover a lot of ground on their rugged steeds. It's a hectic lifestyle for all concerned.

"Our characters are always on the move," said Bridget Regan (who plays Kahlan), which means she and her co-stars aren't layabouts, either. "We don't stay put. Ever."

But viewers tuning in to this new adventure-fantasy series can relax. You will not be challenged. "Legend of the Seeker" (syndicated in 95 per cent of the country; check local listings) is a quest through the reassuringly familiar. It's a once-upon-a-time retreat into the lush wilds of New Zealand (where the series is shot), jazzed with eye-popping visual effects. Plus enough female cleavage to ensure the audience's menfolk are amused. read more...

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