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Thursday, November 27, 2008


Family Travel On A Budget

(NAPSI)-When traveling with the family, you can still steer toward fun and economy by following a few simple budget-stretching suggestions:

• Save on Entertainment--Hotels that have in-room entertainment, such as on-demand movies, video games and DVDs for its guests, can help to reduce your entertainment costs.

• Look for hotels with pools and fitness centers. It's always a good idea when traveling with the kids to make sure the hotel you stay at has a pool and a fitness center. A dip in the pool after a hard day's drive or an afternoon seeing the sights is sure to give the kids a ripple of excitement. Fitness centers are a big plus for the grown-ups who also like to unwind with a workout and a sauna. Check out the schedule and you may find a yoga or Pilates class.

• Choose the road less traveled. Hotel rates can be substantially lower in the suburban parts of major cities than in the more tourist-oriented parts of town. read more...

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