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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Born wild

The experience of trekking via the Western Ghats to the Dudhsagar falls during the rainy season was out-of-the-world for Shilpa.

It’s his love for nature and wildlife that motivated Karthik to start Nisarga with a bunch of friends in 2003. Today, the organisation has grown to encompass various aspects of the natural world. “As time passed by, we gradually realised that there is a lot more to nature.” The main objective of Nisarga, according to Karthik, is to bridge the gap between human beings and nature.

Nisarga has three divisions — Eco tourism, Education and Research and Development. But the most favourite of all the members is trekking. “At least one weekend in a month, we indulge in backpacking. It can be through trekking or camping,” says Karthik. read more...

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