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Thursday, January 15, 2009

South Elementary fifth-graders participate in science-filled adventure at Camp Grady Spruce

Fifth-grade students at South Elementary were in for a different science adventure with a recent trip to Camp Grady
Spruce, Wednesday-Friday, Dec. 17-19, just before the Christmas break.
Here, there were no desks, no walls, no books � just opportunities to experiment, identify, compare and live in a natural setting to experience interrelationship and interdependency between man and the environment.
The group included 100 fifth-graders and all fifth-grade teachers. One fifth-grade teacher, Cindy Cargal, stayed on campus to take care of the 18 students who didn�t make the trip for one reason or another. The teachers included Tracey Blackshear, Abby Moore, Lela Russell, Delnita Jones, Deedra Boaz and fourth-grade teacher, Kathy Collins, and sixth-grade science teacher, Brent Kofer.
Also included in the science adventure were Brent Evans, Jeff Fleenor, Lee Garner, Tonya Keyes, Tonya McKenzie and nine parents. The adults slept in the 10 cabins with the students during the science excursion.

The cost per student was $114 with about 50 per cent of the parents paying for their own child�s cost.
The fifth-grade teachers and South Elementary administrators made the decision from the very beginning that no student would miss the opportunity to go on the science excursion due to a lack of finances. read more...

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