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Monday, February 2, 2009

Adventure Rabbi encourages soaking in nature’s beauty

COPPER MOUNTAIN — Adventure Rabbi Jamie Korngold’s nontraditional Shabbat service encouraged the congregation to gain awareness through nature at Copper Mountain on Saturday.

“Look around,” Korngold said. “Just be awake to all the amazing things that surround us.”

About 24 attended, reading Jewish verse and contemplating the day.

Though more traditional Jews may spend the Shabbat resting indoors or worshipping in synagogues, this rabbi’s progressive approach encourages adventure.

Korngold said the type of Judaism she follows doesn’t take the scriptures literally, but is based more on the intentions. The tradition of rest on the Shabbat is derived from a time when people spent their week outdoors working hard.

“A lot of us spend the week behind computers and in meetings,” she said. “It’s more meaningful to get outside.”

And her “radically different” approach to the religious service lasts about 20 minutes relative to traditional one-and-a-half- to four-hour services. read more...

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