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Monday, February 9, 2009

Travel down the Colorado in 'Adventure'

Azure skies and tumbling waterfalls contrast with the craggy red rock and the formations of millennia in "Grand Canyon Adventure."

The impact of an Omnimax movie relies on three things: visuals, music and message. "Grand Canyon Adventure" scores top marks on all three.

It's hard to screw up the visuals in a movie about the Grand Canyon. Point, shoot, and show us the greatest vista on earth. See what Mother Nature can paint when she really puts her mind to it.
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But the filmmakers take it a few steps further, varying the stunning helicopter shots with perspectives that really take us into this colossal wonder. We watch a man take snapshots of his daughter, then pull back to see the massive, glorious vista behind her. They don't spare the breathtaking scenery, luxuriating in the vast expanses carved into the rock of Arizona.

But it isn't all grand vistas. We follow the team on their exciting river trip, rolling underwater with the kayakers and holding our breath as if in sympathy for the rafters running the rapids. Then we smile with the young people swimming playfully in the waterfall. read more...

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