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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Nature exposed

Famed big-wall climber and photographer Mike Libecki plans to reveal the harsh faces of Antarctica and Greenland in Ashland tonight.

Libecki's free slide show documents his efforts to climb 4,000-foot granite walls and live in hanging structures on the cliff side for as long as a month. His multimedia presentation also depicts dramatic landscapes, fierce weather and wildlife, as well as isolated cultures.

"It is about sharing the adventure," says Libecki. "The flora, the fauna, the mystery."

The 35-year-old resident of Cottonwood Heights, Utah, says he has been climbing most of his life and traveling to the ends of the Earth for the past 13 years. Recipient of numerous grants and climbing awards, Libecki has been profiled by National Geographic, Men's Journal and Outside magazines, as well as ABC News. read more...

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