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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Costa Rica Nature Adventures

I love this article it seems that everyone in the family is encourage to do nature adventure. You know I let all our family member to do it as much as possible. Its a nice bonding aside from that u get to know the earth well.

COSTA RICA —Costa Rica Nature Adventures’ Pacuare Lodge offers an ideal vacation for adventurous families. While the lodge itself offers a sunny and beautiful base, there are several optional activities that highlight the area and its culture. There are guided nature hikes through the surrounding emerald rainforest. The Cabecar Indian tour offers the chance to spend some time with a local indigenous family as well as learn about the deep knowledge of nature and customs from the shaman. The Pacuare canopy adventure tour offers rappelling down towering trees and sliding along cables from tree to tree while descending the mountain toward the lodge for a final thrilling rappel. Another option is to hike to the gondola over the Pacuare River, where horses and a local guide are waiting. The trip follows the river through the forest and fields before arriving at the small village of Bajo del Tigre. On weekdays the group can visit the local school and enjoy a coffee break made by the children’s mothers before returning on a different route, past a refreshing waterfall for swimming or taking photographs, returning via the gondola to the lodge. All of the tours are guided by a resident naturalist who explains in detail the complex relationship and interactions between the rainforest’s many plant and animal species, as well as providing insight into the traditions and culture of the local indigenous population.

Most guests arrive via the whitewater river, which requires a minimum of 12 years of age, so lodge activities and facilities are geared toward older children and adults. However, there is ground transportation to the lodge, so smaller children are certainly welcome, although the lodge recommends a minimum of 7 years due to the remoteness.

Pacuare Lodge is the world’s quintessential eco-resort, from its sustainable building methods to its solar heating panels, use of spring water and water-driven turbine electric generator. While all waste is currently either composted or recycled, the lodge is building a biodigester which will turn organic waste and sewage into methane to heat water and provide more electricity.


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