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Friday, October 24, 2008

TV show offers terminal patients dying wishes

I’m a follower of Survivor, a reality show. There is a Filipinos version of it, Survivor Philippines, hosted by Paolo Bediones. I love Survivor because of the challenges plus the exotic places where it is usually taken. I am fascinated by the places. One of our nature trips, we happened to encounter the taping of the French Survivor in Caramoan National Park, Camarines Sur. Philippines. I hope this new reality show of Jeff Probst “Live like you’re dying” will give us more excitement and inspiration in life.

Survivor host Jeff Probst is set to launch his own reality television show in which terminally ill patients are offered the chance to fulfill their dying wishes.

Probst told Entertainment Weekly the show, called Live Like You're Dying, will film people as they embark on the last adventure of their lives.

"That adventure will include reunions with lost friends or formerly feuding family members, a 'legacy moment' that will ensure their name carries on forever, and living out a personal dream.

"It could be playing guitar with Eric Clapton or jumping out of a plane into a volcano," Probst said.

"Whatever it is that you’re still desiring to do in your life - we want to make it happen."

Despite the nature of the show, Probst told EW the aim was to "inspire".

“The focus of the show is not death. The story we're going tell is about living. This is a show that is intended to inspire everybody to get the most out of their lives every day."

Filming of a pilot episode of Live Like You're Dying will begin in January, once the 18th season of Survivor has finished filming.

The 17th season, Survivor: Gabon, currently screens on TV3 on Thursday nights.


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