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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Professor Profile: adventure seeker

Few people can really enjoy life. And I salute those who can live life.

Robert Myers is a professor as well as the English Department Director here on campus.
He is also quite the character.
Tall and animated, Myers manages to stand out in a crowd.
He likes to tell his students, "I was born on campus."
Myers was born in Lock Haven, and ended up back in the area for most of his life.
He has been a professor at LHU since 1999, and he also taught on the Clearfield campus from 1992 to 1994 as well as a university in Texas for five years.
Myers specializes in 19th century American literature and has written a book about Harold Fred. He is also a critical arts writer.
"Between being outdoors and in the classroom, I am kept busy," he said.
Myers is truly an outdoors man. He loves hiking, backpacking and kayaking.
Myers takes advantage of the nature all around as well as the beautiful fall weather.
The local wilderness provides a perfect place for outdoor adventures.
Myers' partner in crime when it comes to the outdoors is his high strung dog, Max, who is just as much an adventurer as his owner.
Myers has one son, Michael, 14, who also joins him on an excursion from time-to-time.
Myers has only good things to say about the local area, as well as the campus.
"I feel like a product of the area, because I grew up in Central Pennsylvania, and I never understood everything that was here," he said. "When I went to Texas there were no mountains. That is when you see the whole picture. The fact that everything you know isn't everywhere else. When I came back, I realized there was no where else like here."
Myers is content to be back in the area enjoying the beauty of Pennsylvania.
Other than nature, another one of Myers' passions is teaching.
Myers said, "The ever-changing atmosphere and energy that the students put off make this worth it all in the end."
His position as department chair gives him power in administration to get things done, but teaching is his main focal point.
He is passionate about his work and about his students' progress in the classroom. He hopes to see all of his students succeed.
He also tries to liven up his students' days with his personality.
"I try to make everyone's day a little more surreal," he said.
Myerers enjoys joking around with students. Every year to prove a point about a certain literary topic to one of his English classes, he attempts to walk through the blackboard. He has yet to complete this task, but in time he just might be successful.



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